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Updated: Jul 22

The Evolution of Cremation: A Glimpse into the Past and Future

Cremation, at its core, is the process of reducing a deceased body to its basic elements through the act of burning. While this might sound straightforward, the history and cultural significance of cremation is as rich and varied as the civilizations that have practiced it.


Interesting fact: Did you know that the first public crematorium was built in 1885 in Woking, Surrey? What's even more fascinating is that it remains operational to this day. This tidbit of history comes courtesy of The Cremation Society, and it's just one of the many intriguing facts that surround the practice of cremation.


Introducing AshesInsights As we embark on this journey with our inaugural article, we, the AshesInsights team, find it fitting to delve into the roots of our subject matter. Our exploration into the cremation industry has revealed a world filled with captivating stories, evolving traditions, and significant implications for the future.

The Aging Population: A Catalyst for Change One of the driving forces behind the increasing interest in cremation is the undeniable shift in global demographics. The United Kingdom, for instance, is witnessing a surge in its elderly population. As of mid-2021, approximately 5.7 million individuals in the UK were aged 65 and above.

Average age and population in the UK

But why does this matter? As the saying goes, there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. While we can't escape either, we do have a say in how we bid our final farewell.

Cremation vs. Burial: The Eternal Debate For many, the choice boils down to two options: cremation or traditional burial. Over the past quarter-century, cremation has seen a steady rise in popularity in the UK.

Cremation Statistics, UK

Yet, it's essential to note that cremation preferences vary widely across different countries.

Cremation Statistics UK, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Italy,  US

In conclusion, the choice between cremation and burial is deeply personal, influenced by cultural, religious, and individual beliefs. As we continue to explore this topic, we hope to shed light on the nuances, trends, and innovations that shape the world of cremation. Join us on this enlightening journey with AshesInsights.

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